Pilot lights – Three-phase Protection




The PAN35-55-13 is a pilot light tri-led that allows you to display the presence of the 3 phases with or without the presence of the Neutral.

Equipped with 3 indicators LED “high luminosity”, 7 choice of color display, selectable by switch, of its connector screwless removable, its lamp test outside, it IP65, it is very easy to install and will save to you an precious time.

Economical, especially studied for the starting cupboards or the electric control panels and switchgears.

Supply :
Phase / Phase : 104-500Vac.
Phase / Neutral : 70-300Vac.



PH001 & PAN45-01-00

The PH001 coupled with the PAN45-01-00 is the most complete set to monitor your single-phase or three-phase electrical installation, with or without neutral.
The PAN45-01-00 is intended to display the information and states detected by the PH001 on the front of the cabinet in complete safety.
The PAN45-01-00  is supplied with very low voltage 5Vdc by isolated 1kV converter and 3kV optocouplers located in the PH001 box.


It protects you against:
– reverse phase rotation.
– overvoltages and under voltages.
– the voltage differences between phases due to loss of neutral or asymmetry.
(Over / under voltage protection usable in single-phase)

It continuously monitors:
– the presence of the 3 phases and the direction of rotation.
– the under voltage and overvoltage of each of the phases.
– the asymmetry of each phase and loss of neutral.

Equipped with a positive safety relay with 1RT contact, it ensures :
– an adjustable delayed shutdown when exceeding the setting.
– an instantaneous shutdown in the event of an abnormally high overshoot.

the box is self-powered by the inputs to be controlled


It allows the information and status detected by the PH001 to be displayed on the front of the cabinet in complete safety.

DIN 48 × 48 format.
Very easy to install, IP65 on the front, it is equipped with 4 “high brightness” LED indicators with 7 choices of display color selectable by switch, quick connection by pre-equipped ultra flexible cable.

It is used to display by fixed / fast flashing / slow flashing signal on 4 LEDs, the various information sent by the PH001.

Isolated safety power supply :
5Vdc by isolated 1kV converter and 3kV optocouplers located in the PH001 box.